Conflict & Negotiation
Writing Assignment 1:   Analysis of a Work-Related Polarity
    1. A classic polarity is the struggle between a manager and subordinate.   I am still working with my manager because I have come to realize that I cannot avoid this polarity and it exists in other organizations.   The requirements for this job are attention to details and the ability to learn fast.   I have worked hard to prioritize his mission into my “to do” list.   It is safe to say that he is beyond the point of questioning my qualifications.   However, we continue to work out our differences and constantly relearn to appreciate each other’s strengths.

        As the export coordinator, my main focus is on the daily task of filling customer orders from entering it into our computer system to shipping finished goods.   I generate a specification sheet with all the details for compliant product.   My concerns are the wordings on the ingredient deck, using appropriate nutrition facts panel, expressing expiry date in correct format and conveying these information in the right language.   The production team uses this guideline to produce the orders.   Through out the production process I perform random quality checks.   Products must pass my inspection before they are allowed to ship.

        There are two other people in the International Department.   I report directly to the Director of International Sales.   My manager’s main task is to get the sales and expand the market.   He reports to the Chef Operating Officer (COO).   Along with his duty to support my manager, he is the number one advisor to the Chef Executive Officer (CEO) and he supervises the Quality Assurance (QA) team.

        The scope of the export business requires knowledge specific to each country.   Attention to details and following specification standards that are essential to shipping customers with fully compliant product in a timely manner.   Mistakes outside of U.S. are expensive to fix or simply not...