Pol215 Vote Turnout

Elections and Voter Turnout Worksheet

Answer each question below in 50 to 75 words.

1. Who were the candidates for governor in your state (or state of choice) during the last election? Identify their political party affiliation. Who won the election?

The gubernatorial and lieutenant gubernatorial election in Massachusetts took place on 4 November 2014.   The incumbent governor (Deval Patrick) was eligible for re-election, but he chose not to run for another term.Charlie Baker ran for the governor’s seat with Karyn Polito as Republicans and won the concurrent four year terms in office on Beacon Hill.   Attorney General Martha Coakley ran for the Democrats with Steve Kerrigan as her potential Lt. Governor.   Three sets of Independents ran for the seat with mixed results at the polls:   Evan Falchuk/Angus Jennings, Jeffrey McCormick/Tracy Post and Scott Lively/Shelly Saunders.

2. What were the gubernatorial candidates’ platforms?

Candidates debated over jobs, schools and gun control during debate sessions, but the two main party candidates (Baker and Coakley) battled over the reform of the state’s child welfare system.   Both main party candidates debated the referendum questions with a lot of emphasis on whether or not the “casino act” would bring in more jobs and revenue to the state or if it would create more problems through increased traffic in an already congested area while not showing a great return to the state through revenues.

3. What was the state voter turnout in this election?

The voter turnout statewide was reported to be around 49% which was lower than the 2012 Presidential Election turnout.   Boston residents participated at a higher rate of about 84% of the 383,702 registered voters.   Voter participation was high in the Boston area because both candidates were well known and their separate parties spent a lot of time and money on getting people interested in voting for them.   Statewide the voters were more interested in the...