Pol 310 Week 1 Quiz

POL 310 Week 1 Quiz

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1.  Aesthetic values are examples of which category of value?
2.  The House and Senate are comprised of:
      committees and sub-committees.
      regulators and heads of agencies.
      the Cabinet and executive staff.
      the Vice President and gubernatorial members.
3.  Statutes are laws passed by:
 the Legislative branch.
 the Executive branch.
 the Administrative agencies.
the Judiciary.
4.  The U.S. Senate is comprised of members based upon: census data
regarding population size.
equal representation of the states.
shifting demographics from election to election.
proportional relationships to the number of representatives per state.
5.  Which is the following is an example of an ecosystem service?  
Water filtration
Landscaping services
Coal mining
Pollution abatement
6.  Trading pollution permits is an example of:market-based mechanisms.
privatization of resources.
community control of resources.
environmental justice.
7.  Environmental justice violations:
only occur accidentally.
are adequately addressed by existing law.
may cause the displacement of environmental damage across space or time.
are generally superficial and harmless to the environment.
8.  Characteristics of environmental policy include all of the following, except:
scientific uncertainty and risk.
spatial and temporal mismatch.
9.  Hallmarks of environmental policy-making include all of the following, except: (Points : 1)
  managing risk.
  subjective assessments.
  scientific certainty.
  cost-benefit analysis.
10.   According to the precautionary principle, we are ethically bound:
to ensure that businesses are not harmed by environmental policies.
to take no chances in the face of scientific uncertainty.
to be...