Points of Interest - Human Relations Communications

This is my short essay from Chapters 1,2,and 3 from my Human Relations Communications course.

There are two points of interest that gained my attention from reading chapters 1,2, and 3 Human Relations, Strategies for Success.   First and foremost was story about Jim Thompson.   Thompson was not only able to distinguish himself with a military career; he also became the most successful American in Thailand during the 1940’s.   His compassion and respect for his employees allowed his company to give a breath life to a dying silk industry.   This reasoning still holds true for today. For a company to be truly successful the managers must show compassion towards its employees and offer a “buy in” so they can feel part of the company.   Once the employees have a vested interest in the business they tend to work more efficient and produce a higher quality result.   Raytheon offered a $401K plan and matched our contributions up to $15K per year.  
My second point of interest was the mentioning of self-disclosure.   From a Human Resources standpoint a certain level of self-disclosure is important.   However, there is a fine line between self-disclosure and over-disclosure.   Being good at self-disclosure is an art form.   Every one of us has worked in an office where you have a person that reveals every detail of their life.   It is often joked the person does not have the “work filter” meaning they do not understand how to filter and translate the details of the previous evening into appropriate conversation for the office.   My current employment of choice is in Afghanistan working with international military forces and civilians from all over the world.   Due to the multi-cultural environment individuals need to be careful whom they disclose certain information to in order not to offend.   My situation is unique because I do not recommend self-disclosure for anything other than basic information.