# Point Stance

Football is all about power and timing. Getting into a good stance can give you the power you need as a lineman. A less powerful player who gets in a perfect stance can beat a player that is powerful but in a bad stance, for sure.  
To get in a good stance you have to put your leg as the width of your shoulder, then put either one of your leg, the one that are more comfortable, 6 inches forward then another. After that you want to bend down like you are sitting down. Then, you put out both of your hands straight, while you lean forward and put your hands on the line of scrimmage. You want to put all the weights on your fingers, so you could fire off and go get your man. When the other team snaps the ball, you will have to stay as low as you can; then you put your hands up, and charge the guy you were suppose to get.
As a defensive line man, you want to make up a wall; you never let people get through you, unless the play says so.   After learning how to get in a good stance, you just need to practice it. It is better to practice in front of a mirror that you can see your whole body, or in front of a person; so you can see what you did wrong or the person can tell you what you did wrong.   After you master this skill, you are ready to get someone on the football field. Remember, there is no mercy on the football field.