Poetry Response

I think that the speaker feels that her daughter moving away is like a loss of control, she compares this to her daughter riding away when she taught her to ride a bike.   We see this in the line “…as I sprinted to catch up” The speaker is maybe suggesting that metaphorically she cannot keep up with the speed her daughter is growing whilst literally she means she is cycling away from her.   By using the word “sprinted” this also suggests to the reader that the mother feels she has grown up too fast.
The line “…the curved path” implies that the root she has to take for her future is not a straight forward one. She is maybe suggesting that by moving out into the big wide world she is more vulnerable to things that could affect her wellbeing.
I think that maybe the child is an only child, when she says “I kept waiting for the thud of your crash” I think she is maybe comparing the anticipation of her falling off her bike with a mishap that maybe will happen later on in life.
The writer uses a simile when she talks about the child’s “hair flapping behind” saying “like a handkerchief waving goodbye” This is symbolic of someone leaving, saying goodbye suggesting that whilst she feels a sense of achievement for her daughter, she also feels a great loss.
The poem is structured in one stanza with only one full stop this could represent that growing up is uncontrollable.   It could also suggest that the speaker feels like time is running out and maybe that she has to get all her feelings out at once and can’t segment her thoughts like she could of if they were living in the same house.
The word “goodbye” is singled out at the end on its own line, this makes it stand out from everything else therefore implying it has higher meaning and is the main message of what she is saying.   I think she is saying that metaphorically she is letting her go however she wants her to know that she is always there for her.