Have you ever given up your
To notice
The wonders of nature
The way the wind
Quiet and calm
Brushes gently against your skin
And sweeps through the grass and leaves
Or the sound of birds chirping
On and off-
Like music
Played so soft and serene,
Each early morning,
Heard by everyone in the town,
Like an alarm clock.
Or the way ducks by a pond
Race for the last bits of bread
Like humans fight in a war-
But without hurting one another
And have you ever seen such a glorious sight
Of the yellow daises
And purple lilies blooming
in the warm air.
Or do you think you will ever find time
To take a step out of reality that is filled with noise and chaos
To enjoy the nature that
Calms you,
Relaxes you,
As you inhale the sweet air
And feel the warm sun heating you and your surroundings
Or are you
From the real importance and real beauty
Of this world?
When you went to war everyone waved goodbye
When you went to war your pride reflected from your perfect uniform
When you went to war the bomb blasts blinded your vision
When you went to war the enemy’s life seemed no more than a worthless soul to kill
When you went to war you watched your best friend take his last breath of life
When you went to war the sergeant’s piercing voice made you tremble with fear
When you went to war your tears cried your hope and bravery away
When you went to war you wrote to me promising you would be back
When you came back from war your coffin bore a flag that I’ve come to hate.
Oh dark and senseless warring world that took a proud man’s heart and soul.
Tears glistening on her black soft cheek.
A humming bird singing. A butterfly squeezing out of a cocoon.
The bird and the butterfly flutter their wings as they take off for a new adventure.
The two animals flying free into the sky, so happy and calm
With no one to stop them.
The girl wipes her tears and wonders what it’s like
Where she can run...