Social networking

Jeffery Williams
Composition 1| ENG1001 S14

Do you remember a time when you spoke to a complete stranger and then through conversation came to know that you both knew a common person? And at that time both of you says it’s a small world. Well I am sure you will agree with me when I say that today it is indeed a small world, thanks to social networking through the internet. The internet is a very interesting and fun place to be, but it can be very dangerous at times. The social networking plays a huge part in the World Wide Web of the internet. There are multiple sites that have been established for people to chat and get reunited with long lost friends and family that hasn’t been seen in years. Websites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and several others have become the backbone of internet society with Facebook being the most popular of them all. Social networking has its dangers and its benefits that’s why it stressed for safety on the internet usage.   The social network can be used to find long lost friends and meet new people because of the chat features on the sites. Meeting new people can be dangerous also because anyone can be anybody over the internet and that can easily but your life at risk.
There have been several serial killers using the internet as a source for their prey. A guy by the name of Philip Markoff was named the craigslist killer; Craigslist is another form of communication threw the internet.   He used this chatting website to find his victims to kill, but the social network has very good benefits if you use with caution.   Keeping in touch with your family form long distances is a good advantage. The risk of putting out certain information can lead to identity theft.   The use of the social network can keep family and friends up to date with things they can’t get to see for some reason, like the birth of a new baby or the birthday of their kid. Sometimes in posting these...