Plot of Somebody Helps You Cry

The story is geared into life in a systematic holistic approach that sees a young woman heavy with pregnancy walking up the way that led to Sinko Maternity Hospital. Her name is Patricia Teco. A second character, Clifford, is called into play. He is the security man on duty shift at the hospital gate. He is a father who loves his job. He is perturbed inside at seeing the pregnant lady who danger was written all over.
The next chapter introduced yet another character; Agnes, who is reported to hating night-duty shifts. A vivid picture of her is given; Agnes Orah who hails from Ekabo. She is later to play an important role in the life of the pregnant woman. Still on Agnes, she is fed up with her working conditions and plans to spend her birthday and day-off with her new lover, Dr. Benson Ali. She is also making plans to leave her place of work for Benson’s private hospital. But this is not to be as Francis Teco’s hammer of horror catches up with her as the story proceeds. She attends to the pregnant woman but something about the lady troubles her. It is later found that eventhe pregnant woman’s trouble is going to swallow her. Francis Teco   is introduced as a   tall, bulky man in his early thirties. He is the young woman’s husband. He is a successful tailor cum politician. He is the protagonist of the novel “Somebody Helps You Cry”.
The story line is reminiscent among the Francis Teco, his wife Patricia, and the hospital.
Francis Teco is seen as a hardworking man, though used to be flirtous until Patricia came his way. He walks home late the same day Patricia is seen at the hospital. But he is apprehended on the way by the police. The incompetence and corrupt system of the police is exposed as the fundamental human rights of movement and expression of Francis are impounded forcefully.
Back at the hospital, Dr.Avre, the chief gynaecologist of Sinko Maternity Hospital is presented. He is a man reputed to be very brilliant recalling his school...