Plot Abstact: the Rich Brother

In “The Rich Brother,” written by Tobias Wolff in 1985. There were two brothers, Pete and Donald.   Pete was the older brother who him and his wife owned a Century 21st franchise in Santa Cruz, California Pete had two daughters and was married. He and his wife owned a house by the ocean. Donald on the other hand was not married and only found work once in awhile painting houses. Even though Donald and Pete were brothers, the two were very different. Over the years Donalds has taken money from Pete numerous of times and was in debt with him. Donalds and Petes parents had passed away in the brothers lives. They grew up with no belief structure, but Donald has moved between churches and now is in a pentecostal community.
Donald worked on a farm owned by several members of his community and was let go for giving some people some of their food. Pete received a call from Donald asking for bus fare   but Pete decided to drive over to the service station where Donald needed to get picked up. Once he arrived Donald entered the car and asked Pete for some money to pay for the coffee and sandwhiches he had eaten earlier. Since Donald knew that Pete was coming he had ordered food knowingly that his brother would end up paying for it. Pete gave him a $100 as another loan to Donald. On the way back they talked about why Donald was let go and that he had given away sandwhiches to some fieldworkers with eight kids. They also talked about their past and how Pete would baby-sit Donald when their parents went out and while Donald was sleeping Pete would come in and pull up his shirt and hit him in the stitches. Donald   asked if Pete if he ever dreamed about him and Pete replied, “no.” But soon after, admitted to having one where who was blind in it? The dream showed the roles being reversed and now Donald had to take care of Pete where Pete has tooken care of Donald his whole adult lifehood.
When they stopped at Denny’s to get some food a man walked up behind them at the cash...