Chapter I
            In every school, each student based on their performance is given separate grades. Grades correspond to many factors like attitude, performance, extra-curriculum activities etc. In our modern day, most of these schools have internet connection that has an Online Grade System so called “Student Portal”. Most of schools and universities today present their grades through online to avoid inconvenience and to have an updated technology of institution.

SMS is very common today as Smart phones are getting improved each year with new features that are being added. Almost most of the people you know or saw have their own Smart Phones. Meaning they always has it for communication, entertainment and many more.

The project titled Online Grading System with SMS Notification is developed to have an online based grading system for College of San Benildo-Rizal. The project focuses on the encoding, updating and retrieving of grades through the web. And with an SMS notification, the parents or guardian are also involved in this system that will update them with their children’s grade and performance at school.

Project Context

                Based from the website: “Teachers all over the nation have discovered that when they utilize an online grading system, they are able to quickly and easy to update, track, and grade student performance in much less time than they ever thought possible. Parents and students also enjoy being able to take part in an online grading system. This is because students and parents can access an online grading system with a password and can track grades and assignments whenever they need to. This helps students become more aware of their grades and also helps parents get involved in their child’s schooling.”[1]

Based on the understandings of the developers about the reference, an online grading system has its major advantage to the...