Pllts Element 5.1 Identify Different Assessment Methods, Explain How, When and Why You Would Use Each

(Element 5.1)
Indentify different assessment methods (explain how, when and why you would use each)

Assessments are a way of finding out if learning has taken place, it enables the teacher to see if the learner has gained and required skills and knowledge needed at a given point.
There are various methods of assessments, it is important to know what exactly you wish to assess before choosing a method so you choose the correct assessment. There are many other factors to consider when choosing an assessment method such as what resources there are, how much time there is, the subject matter, the abilities of the learners, the individual learner’s prior knowledge and experience, the individual support needs, the learning objectives and the external requirements. There must also be appropriate assessment methods used for all learners to achieve differentiation. Despite what method is used it is important to offer a variety of assessment methods to learners to enable them to develop an overall set of abilities.
The following detail what the teacher wishes to assess and the appropriate method chosen:

The student’s ability to think critically and make judgements:
An essay or journal – reflecting what the student thinks. This could be used to see whether a learner has a certain level of literacy.
A report – the student’s ability to evaluate and judge information. The level of literacy could also be shown in a report.

The student’s problem solving skills:
Problem scenarios – how the student identifies a problem, defines the problem, analyses the data and deals with the problem. This could be used in their place of work to see if the learner is competent.

The student’s ability to perform procedures and demonstrate techniques:
A task to complete on the computer – how the student uses equipment. This can be used to assess whether the learner is competent to use that particular piece of machinery or equipment which my enable them to progress to use more...