Playing Guitar

“Who wanna go outside and rock out on guitar right now? ”Some say yes, some have no response. Today my topic is to talk about my hobby ﹣ playing guitar, I have started this hobby 6 years. And there are three main points, which are: why I love playing guitar, the equipment I use when I play guitar and who I usually play guitar with. This will help you know about my hobby and how I enjoy and have fun. Now, Let’s jump to the first main point.

My first main point is the reason why I love to play guitar. American guitarist Andrés Segovia once said that “The guitar is a small orchestra. It is polyphonic. Every string is a different color, a different voice.” I feel the same as him. The reason why I got drawn into playing guitar is that I love the sound of the guitar and I can always play various kind of music on guitar. Different string has different distinctive sound. Sometimes I can play a soft music to make me feel more relaxed; sometimes I can play a rock music to squeeze out my stress, you know in CIE we have to deal with loans of essay, assignments, projects, that is where my stress comes from; or sometimes you can play whatever I like, to make myself feel happier.

My second main point is, the equipment I use when I play guitar. My classmate Kofi told me, she knew that there are two kinds of guitar, one is electronic and the other one is classical guitar. I usually play my classical guitar, as it is lighter and more convinient to play with. Before I play the guitar, I have to tune the sound and print out the score, to make sure it is not off key and I know how to play the song. When I play the chords of the song, I need to use a pick, and play like this, otherwise my finger will get blister.
My third main point is who I usually play guitar with. As guitar is easy to carry, I always bring my guitar with me when I go to school and I usually play it with my classmates. Every time I play the guitar, they will follow the music and sing the song, like we are...