Play Types

Play types :
Imaginative play : This is where we pretend or imagine that we are somewhere different           other than in the classroom. we support this in our setting by giving them props to help them be someone else ie dress ups , we encourage role play and use small world activities to let the children’s imaginations come alive as there are no rules in imaginative play.
Locomotor play: Movement in any direction and every direction for it’s own sake.
We support this in our setting by encouraging the children to play games such as chase , stop-go game , climbing trees which allows the children to move in different ways.

Rough and tumble play: Close encounter play which is less to do with fighting and more to do with touch , relative strength , discovering physical flexibility and the exhilaration of display. The children engage in this type using our soft play equipment.
Creative play : Play which allows new responses, the transformation of information awareness of ne connections with an element of surprise. We support creative play by allowing children to use more than just paints and pencils to be creative. We use different foods and materials to allow them to explore texture and what happens if you mix it with something else.
Communication play: Play using words , nauances or gestures.In our setting we use music by means of communication , the children also use actions to help tell the song.we also play a shopping game which every child adds something new to list and then as a whole group we recite the list. This helps them learn new words.