Play of the Enemy


Dr. Salim Hafiz
Wife of Dr. Salim Hafiz
Major Jawar Pratap Singh

Scene 1

Place: Army Camp

[A group of doctors are taking an oath as they join the INA as army doctors. They are headed by Major Jawar Pratap Singh]

Major: You are the chosen best doctors from all over India. Today you have been given the special privilege of serving the nation. Hundreds of jawans, who are fighting to save our motherland will come   to you for help. Are you all ready to take the challenge that lies ahead of you.

Doctors: Yes, sir.

Major: Then, without delay let us proceed to the taking of oath. Put out your right hand and repeat after me.

[All the doctors do so]

Oath: I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this covenant:

I will respect the hard-won scientific gains of those physicians in whose steps I walk, and gladly share such knowledge as is mine with those who are to follow.

I will apply, for the benefit of the sick, all measures which are required, avoiding those twin traps of overtreatment and therapeutic nihilism.

I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science, and that warmth, sympathy, and understanding may outweigh the surgeon's knife or the chemist's drug.

I will not be ashamed to say "I know not," nor will I fail to call in my colleagues when the skills of another are needed for a patient's recovery.

I will respect the privacy of my patients, for their problems are not disclosed to me that the world may know. Most especially must I tread with care in matters of life and death. If it is given me to save a life, all thanks. But it may also be within my power to take a life; this awesome responsibility must be faced with great humbleness and awareness of my own frailty. Above all, I must not play at God.

I will remember that I do not treat a fever chart, a cancerous growth, but a sick human being, whose illness may affect the person's family and economic stability. My responsibility...