Play and Learning Part 2

Play and Learning – Part B

In this assignment an attempt will be made to examine a local authority nursery in which I will consider the criteria that is needed to ensure that quality play and learning experiences are being provided.   I will also look into the role of the staff and external assessors in assuring quality is provided.

Quality is a very complex word to define.   It depends on the person who is describing its point of view.   In the nursery setting parents, government, childcare workers, children and the local authority all have an influence on the quality that is provided within their establishment.   The Child at the Centre (2000) describes a set of score values that are needed to ensure high quality within the early years setting.   These values are that the child should be the centre of everyone’s care and concern, that the child’s safety and security should be paramount, there should be equal opportunities and social inclusion established, partnerships with parents, services should be responsive to the individual needs of the child and that the nursery should be part of the wider community.   (Scottish Executive, 2000, P.5).

To provide quality in play and learning we have to consider a number of factors.   These are the physical environment, assessment and planning, interaction and partnerships.   ‘The setting in which learning takes place is crucial to the quality of provision’.   (M. Dowling, 1992, P.138).   The environment in which children develop and learn involves the people in which they interact with, the materials that they use and the places and events that they experience.   (T. Bruce, 1997, P.59).   The environment should be safe and stimulating for the children to ensure that no accidents occur.   The equipment within the nursery should be checked regularly to ensure that it is in safe and working order.   Outdoor environment is just as important in providing quality play and learning experiences as indoors is.   ‘The outdoors can provide a...