Plato and Aristotle Politcs

The figure and influence of Vladimir Putin in relation to Russian foreign policy.  

"Be not afraid of greatness; some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them."   William Shakespeare.

With the case of Vladimir Putin, I believe that his case began as one whose greatness with regards power was to some extents “thrust upon him” by the previous President. Yeltsin hand-picked Putin in times of great distress where the post of Prime Minister was replaced some five times in the space of two years. Putin therefore achieved greatness, even though he was born into a very humble social stratus. His main task was to preserve his reputation as well as his power. It is a task that until now he fulfilled well as President and seems to continue relatively well despite the criticism and controversy surrounding him, not unlike Bush or Berlusconi. He is not flawless but a good captain and rudder director for Russia.

His emergence out of near total obscurity in a space of three years is spectacular in itself. Starting as a KGB agent with a post in Berlin to becoming the President of Russia is quite a feat. One may argue that his rise to the current position was largely due to circumstances; a case of being at the right place at the right time. However, he has been in power for quite a while and the foreign policy under his rule has found a surer footing. He has reached agreements with President Bush who is quite admirable towards him and finds him a figure worth of respect.

He was appointed at times where the situation was literally rock bottom. Putin has little charisma; his image is that of a steely type of business figure but one who is reasonable and effective. What he lacks in charisma and smiles, he makes up for in being a strong, disciplined role model for the Russian youth who are major supporters of his schemes.

Appointed at a time where the situation was at rock bottom and the only way is via improvement, he seems to...