Planning and Organization

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By: Monte SprewellSession Long ProjectModule 2MKT 301: Marketing Strategy TUI UniversityDr. Chika E. Duru, Core Professor |
5/11/2011 |


The Organization that I am reflecting on is a good example of not planning well, as stated in the prior module my company is undergoing a Conversion onto a new platform for policy housing it should be a technological advance that makes servicing the customer easier for the agent as well as encompass an automatic underwriting system that makes the call venter agent empowered to assit insured’s.
Unfortunately the current leadership in an effort to save money has not implemented planning as my company has in the past which encompasses testing, product piloting , as well as reviewing representative   and customer feedback to ensure that the current rollout will in fact meet the return on investment that the product manager anticipates. And also to ensure that all the states we insure in have all of their guidelines met.
Currently our leadership team is not willing to actually listen to the frontline agents who are assisting policyholders daily, nor are they willing to listen to the customer, somewhere along the line they have come up with a strategy and regardless of the problems they have decided that this is the wave of the future, however with the cancellation rate steadily increasing in the states that generate the most profit, the frontline representatives are growing insecure with how long it will take before mass layoffs ensue.
Currently whatever measures are in place to maintain controls in the organization are not working, at the moment we have to many problems without any one in the leadership capacity listening to either the customer or the frontline representatives who are trying to assist their customers in being comfortable and confident in the product that they are purchasing.

An example of the poor planning that may possibly...