Planning and Enabling Teaching

Unit 2- Planning and Enabling Teaching
Assignment 2

This assignment focuses on my teaching sessions throughout the year and includes lessons plans with brief evaluations for my thirty hours of teaching, observation reports and my own evaluations of them.

I am currently teaching and delivering a level one City and Guilds construction course at Redbridge College. The course consists of three main areas: Bricklaying, carpentry and painting and decorating. It is designed to give learners a taste of all three trades and gives them a level one qualification on completion of the course. They can then decide to go on and study the chosen trade of their choice for level two, if they wish to progress on. Before I entered into teaching, I worked in the construction industry for over twenty years as a painter and decorator. I started in this field of work as many of the learners at the college have, and I feel that by having this previous learning experience I could reflect on these effectively in delivering the course that I now teach. I am in my first year of teaching so obviously I have much to learn and reflect on.

Lesson Plans

Entered into appendix one of this assignment are my lesson plans. They relate to my scheme of work that was used in assignment one of this unit. The lesson plan that is used at Redbridge College is divided into six areas: Time, activities, rationale, skills development, assessment and resources. All of these sections are crucial in delivering an effective and informative lesson. At the end of each lesson plan can be found my own evaluation on how each lesson went alongside any issues and concerns I encountered. David Minton, 2005, says that…
      “What matters is not the plan itself, but what it enables to happen. The plan is a tool. It must be flexible and usable: it should alert you to what needs to be done, and when and by whom.”
Preparation in lesson plans is also paramount. In preparing to teach we need to ask questions such as:...