Planning and Enabling Learning

Planning and enabling learning
For this theory assignment I decided that it would be best to start researching all areas of study given from the assignment brief, this would then enable me to identify which area I would like to carry out my presentation on.
I decided straight away that I would carry out most of my research on the internet as this had the most up tp date statistics as the reference books that I have previously used are at least two years old and statistics are always changing. However I did use reference books to get quotes on the different study areas.   I also looked at past assignments as I had already touched on these subjects previously.
Communication research.
“Communication is a means of passing on information from one person to another”
Gravells (2008:66)
There are many different communication methods – verbal and non verbal for example : written, oral and body language, These are all used on a daily basis.
I found that when it comes to communication- “as little as 7% of a communications effectiveness can be attributed to words alone, with voice quality contributing to 38% and non verbal’s providing the remaining 55%”.
There are many different barriers to communication for example:
The environment- layout of room, too noisy and distractions
Culture- Bilingual and multilingual
Disability- Deaf, blind, wheelchair bound and dyslexia
Communication- accents and slang words
I t is our responsibility to try and eliminate these where possible and try and find ways to meet our learner’s needs, for example setting up the room in a way that all learners have easy access, can easily see and limiting the noise level by shutting doors.
If a learner has a disability you could use a hearing loop, use different coloured paper and make sure you are always facing them so they may be able to lip read.
If you have a learner who does not speak English as their first language you may learn some of...