Planning and Enabling Learning

Planning and Enabling Learning

PEL should be presented as a portfolio (100% Pass/Fail) which includes ALL of the following tasks:

Task 1- an initial understanding of the needs of your learners

  i. Evaluate the different methods of initial, diagnostic assessment that you might use with your learners. Which services are available for learners who need extra help and support? (150 words)

  ii.   ii. Evaluate ways of planning, negotiating and recording appropriate learning goals with learners. (150 words)

Task 2- Scheme of work

  i. Devise a scheme of work in your own specialist area for a minimum of 4 weeks or eight sessions, ensuring that it includes all the information indicated on the proforma on p. Or

  ii.   ii. a proposal for training in your own specialist area for approximately 8 hours, ensuring that it includes all the information indicated on the proforma on p. (Equivalent to 200 words)

  iii. iii. Write a justification of this scheme of work which explains: The selection and sequencing of topics, and, when relevant, how this met curriculum/syllabus requirements; The use of resources and how they promoted inclusive learning; Differentiation; How the minimum core ( literacy, language, numeracy and ICT) supported learning. (800 words)

Task 3- Lesson planning
  i. Design and include a lesson plan on the Greenwich proforma which you would use in your specialist area, completing all aspects of this proforma. (Equivalent to 150 words)

  ii.   ii. Describe and evaluate the teaching strategies indicated in this lesson plan. (200 words)

  iii.   iii. Analyse and justify the resources you devised, including how they promoted inclusive learning. (150 words)

  iv.   iv. Summarise some of the central issues of equality and diversity and justify how your planning decisions made the lesson more inclusive. (150 words)

  v.   v. Discuss the reasons for the inclusion of aspects of the minimum core (literacy, numeracy and ICT)...