Planning and Designing Sessions



This unit is one of five units, which together will make up the OCN Health, safety and security in care programme.

Programme Aims
This unit is designed to develop the carers and future carers skills and knowledge and to promote a positive attitude to Health And Safety in order to reduce the risk of injury, infection and to promote a safe and secure environment for both staff and residents in the care setting(Health and Safety Executive). To provide the carer with the knowledge and skills which will lead to an understanding of the major legislation affecting health, safety and security of the client and worker in the domiciliary and care setting, and to have the confidence to apply the knowledge and skills gained in practice.

Target Groups
All care staff in the private and public sector. Learners must confirm physical fitness before undertaking the manual-handling unit.

Entry requirements
There are no formal entry requirements, but students must be working in the care sector

Programme structure
It is proposed that the programme will be delivered in the main, as distance learning with some theory and skills being delivered in the training room. For each unit undertaken the student will a 2-hour induction and be issued with an appropriate self-study booklet covering the theory elements of the unit, which will be equivalent to 22 hours of learning for each unit. The students will then be expected to attend a total of 6-hours in tutor led sessions. Additionally each student will receive tutorial support up to a maximum of 2 hours per unit as required.
All students will be expected to complete unit 1 in addition to any other units they select.

Physical resources
In the main the courses will be delivered in the students place of work, if a care home cannot produce enough candidates then others will be recruited from other locations and the course will run at Doncaster College.

Material resources...