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Article by: Annie Body

The ASAN’s Sacramento spacecraft has discovered snow on Mercury! This is a truly amazing thing because, as all you Martians know, Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. The snow was found on a very remote part of the sun kissed planet which is why news of this fantabulous discovery is just reaching the planets now. Scientists have no idea how this phenomenon occurred, but, scientist Barb B. Que says this could have been caused because of the suns recent changes in temperature and the fact that the snow fell on the opposite side of the planet where the suns seldom hits. Today, every Martian on that planet is racing to play in, or just see at that matter, this magnificent snow. Dwayne Pipe and his family were among the first to arrive, and they didn’t waste a single second! As soon as they got to this snow garden, they dove right in! His daughter L. Angel (first name has not been given for confidentiality reasons.) Says, “This snow is absolutely heavenly and I have never seen anything like it in my whole life!” Well, as you all can see, this snowfall is causing quite a commotion! As time progresses, we will know more about this rare snow dusting.



By: Hannah McCauley

Dear Hannah,

    I live on Pluto and I have ordered the Planet Post every Sunday. I am getting quite frustrated due to the fact that I have recently been getting my paper a week late. This is bothering me tremendously because I feel like I am being excluded for the rest of the Milky Way. Please get this major problem fixed; I must not be the only Martian in the system that is having this problem.


                      Lu Zer

Dear Lu Zer,

        I send my sincere apologies to all you Martians on Pluto. My delivers must be slacking off, and [pic]I will fix this monstrous problem immediately! But the fact that you live on Pluto may be a big contribution to this problem. I will still...