Professional Plan
Tracy Avila Castillo
Bryant & Stratton College
Comm150 – Literary and Research
Mr. Beder
November 22, 2013

Professional Plan to be a Nurse
I can’t say that I always wanted to specifically be a nurse like some would say.   I can say, however, that from early childhood I have always been drawn to helping people at some capacity.   It has always been that helping people on any given level always makes me want to do more and advance my education to know more and, therefore, help more.   I started out working as a Health Unit Coordinator and Emergency Department technician to an EMT, and now finally a nursing student.   The Bureau of Labor Statistics has listed the Registered Nurse as “one of the largest projected job growths between 2006 and 2016.” (BLS, 2007a).        

Three nursing careers that I am interested in pursuing is Emergency/Trauma nursing, Integrative medicine nursing and Hospice & Palliative care nursing. My goal is to be a well-educated, qualified nurse who can deliver the best care I can to any patient.  
The reason I chose Emergency/Trauma nursing is because I have worked several roles already in the emergency department and this is probably where I feel the most comfortable.   These nurses quickly recognize life-threatening problems and are trained to help solve them on the spot.   (Exploring Health Careers. 2013).   The Emergency room nurse is a registered nurse who specializes in providing medical care and treatment to patients suffering from a wide variety of life and death situations.   Along with being specialized in many different areas of medicine, one would also need, according to Explore Health Careers website, an “Emergency nursing certification from the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN), a division of the Emergency Nurses’ Association” (2010).   Continuing education is important in any nursing practice because of how fast the field of medicine is always advancing.   According to Salary.Com,...