Graded Unit 2 Planning Stage

Cameron Duncan
Graded Unit 2
Application for University of the West of Scotland.

Explanation of choice.

For our Graded Unit 2 we were asked to pick a topic of which we would create a presentation of and take part in an interview based on our choice. Rather than deciding to set up a fake business for my graded unit I have decided to base it upon a more realistic scenario, a university application.  I feel this is the best choice for myself as I can more easily relate to the situation as I will soon be applying for the course, I also feel that because it is more realistic, I have a better opportunity to find my strengths and weaknesses and be able to adapt to fit the course better. It also gives me great experience for my University application.

Approach Statement.
For my graded unit I plan to take everything that I have learned from my HNC and my HND in music business and try to relate them to what I will be studying at the commercial music course in University. I will take each of the core units from my two years of studying and open them up to display my knowledge and skills of the area. I will do my best do demonstrate each individual unit to the extent of my knowledge, with research and study of the commercial music course in University.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths - Willingness to learn.
        Previous experience creating essays, portfolios and presentations
        Enthusiasm for the Music Industry
        Love of Music

Weaknesses - Not a great deal of experience with Excel spreadsheets.
   Tendency to leave things to the last minute
   Lack of interview experience
   Lack of Confidence

Opportunities - Opens doors for careers in the music industry
     Good Networking Opporunities
     Great opportunities for practical field experience

Threats - Very limited spaces for the course
     Lack of potential jobs in the Industry.
     The distance of the University.