Plan for Possitive Influence

Plan for Positive Influence
University of Phoenix- Southfield Campus
LDR 531 Organizational Leadership
Angie Sokol, Ph.D
Week 2
February 27, 2009

Plan for Positive Influence
The purpose of this paper is to prepare a plan that would increase the motivation, satisfaction, and performance of the team that can be applied in a business setting. The writer will address specific differences in attitudes, emotions, personalities, and values that were discovered in the team collaboration, as well as how each difference influences behavior.
Motivation is an important factor that plays a very important role in enhancing efficiency and boosting productivity. Motivation drives people to perform their best in all the activities carried out by them. Maintaining open communications with team members can boost morale and motivation. While motivation will be different for each team member, what drives inspiration is the same for everyone. It comes from knowing clearly what he or she wants. And when a person want something badly enough, and he or she is willing to do anything that is needed to do to accomplish it, he or she will actually have the motivation that is needed to reach their goals.
Lack of motivation hampers productivity and damages growth prospects. Managers and leaders are required to increase employee and team morale. He or she may use various means or incentives to increase motivation. This differs from person to person and from situation to situation. Motivation is something that comes and goes with most of us. There are times when we are fired up and then there are other times when we are flat. We think to ourselves, "Where did all of my excitement go? When did I lose it?" (Carter, 2009).
In order to achieve organizational goals and objectives, team leaders are required to increase the morale of other team members. He or she should constantly stay in touch with their team members and improve modes of communication in order to facilitate adequate...