Placer County Jail Tour

Jail Tour

As the last part of our class we went to the placer county jail for a tour of the facility. The jail is a representation of the last tier of the AJ 50 class, corrections. We started out the tour by waiting in the room where family members of the convicted came to visit them. The walls were lined with Plexiglas and the phones were placed at each seat to each providing the communication between convicts and their families. It was a fitting place to start the tour, a look at how you are kept from the outside world. To show that not only do they confine you to the cold walls of the jail but you are separated from your family and loved ones by a thick piece if glass; so thick you can’t hear the other person through it. To be so close to another person, but be so far is in itself a punishment when you are locked up for a long period of time and all the company you have are other inmates. I can only imagine the torment a person would go through if they had children. But all of this fits into the whole idea of justice and incarceration and only a deterrence once you know what it’s like to be on the inside of those walls. As a starting point I would say that this was quite fitting. We then went to the booking area where the officers showed us how they collect all the persons belongings, tag them and fill out the report about each item. They told us that most of the time the line to this area spans out the door. An area so small to take care of so many people coming in daily seems like it would be a hectic job to do. I even got a glimpse while walking of someone being brought in and the procedure being done.
The holding tanks for inebriated individuals were next, the booking area and the holding tanks being next to each other. The rooms only consisting of a wall in front of a toilet for privacy and the rest just flat tiled floor. From there we went down a few hallways, going through a few doors. All of the halls have a red and blue line on each side. The red...