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As part of my work placement module I have prepared the following essay which outlines a fundamental care skill I practised during my placement and also a communication skill which I would have demonstrated during my time out in the nursing home.
In order to best reflect on the skills I obtained and practiced while on placement I will use the Gibbs Reflective cycle as an aid in the structure of my assignment.Junko Tashiro et al 2003suggested that using a reflective cycle can develop many qualities of a critical thinker and encourage thoughtful nursing practice. Therefore I feel it is imperative to my study that I reflect on the skills obtained during placement.
The fundamental skill I have chosen to cover in my assignment is the skill of hand washing; I have chosen this specific skill because of the huge importance hand washing plays in patient care. I have also chosen to discuss the various approaches I took when verbally communicating with patients on placement with an emphasis on those who have a diagnosis of dementia.
Hand washing

Hand washing is one of the most important fundamental skills that can be though to healthcare staff involved in patient care. It is the basis of any hygiene and infection control procedure. A study by (Didier Pittet et al 2000) found an increase in hand washing caused a reduction in nosocomial infections. Therefore, it is clear that hand washing has a direct effect on the incidences of nosocomial infections in healthcare settings.

While on placement I would wash my hands first thing in the morning before I entered onto the ward, before and after contact with a patient, patients surrounding, aseptic task and when in contact with bodily fluids. I would spend some time to make sure I correctly went through five moments of hand hygiene procedure as per the guidelines of the Strategy for the control of...