Pizza Cone Machine

Cone pizza is one of the most popular snacks at home and abroad.It is looked as a fast food with good taste and good nutrition.this new and convenient snacks have more or less effect on people's life style.for the office workers,they can have a eat as their breakfast on their way to office,no need sitting in the shop.for the other peoples,they can have a taste while shopping when feeling in hungry.for the business man,it is good project to invest and start a new business.And,we can help them in buying the nessary equipment and cooking recipes and cooking process.

the whole cone pizza making line includes several machines,it is flour mixer,dough ball making machine,cone pizza wrapper moulding machine,cone pizza oven,display and stand also called holder. pizza cone machinea:

Here is the detailed introduction of the whole line:1,put all raw materials,such as,flour,eggs,sugar,salt,and other raw materials,into the flour mixer machine to make big dough ball.2,put the big dough ball into the dough ball making machine to get the small dough balls.3,put the small dough balls into the cone pizza wrapper moulding machine to get the the cone shape wrappers.4,put vegetables ,fruits,butter and other ingredients into the cone shape wrappers,and then put them into the cone pizza oven.5,put the ready cone pizza into the display to make them on show.also,the disply has the function of keeping warmming.6,the stand or holders can put the cone pizza and make them stand. cookie making machine:

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