Piaget Experimentz

Piaget Worksheet

Directions: Review Module 26 of Psychology and Your Life. Complete the matrix below and answer the questions that follow.

Cognitive Stage Age Range Major Characteristics
Sensorimotor Birth–2 years Growth of object permanence,
Growth of motor skills, diminutive or no capability for figurative symbol
Preoperational 2–7 years Growth of language and
figurative thoughts, egocentric judgment
Concrete operational
mastery 7–12 years Growth of preservation,
of idea of reversibility
Formal operational 12 years–adulthood Growth of rational and theoretical thinking
Pine-Sol versus Clorox
Pauleen Smith
January 30, 2011
Tomika Palmer

Pine-Sol versus Clorox

The theory tested on January 21, 2011Pine-Sol and Clorox bleach although this test was not recommended by professionals. Natural curious side wanted to see what the results were. Before conducting this unhealthy test, the research began through many websites and the MSDS data for chemical reactions. Pine-Sol and Bleach does not react against each other but Clorox can be annoying to the sense of smell. Clorox bleach does not react with many organic materials, which can release more chlorine than the remaining substance within the mixtures. Individuals should never mix two chemicals together when they have not fully read the materials within the MSDS data. Chlorine bleach and other chemicals are optional in creating a cleaning mixture.
This has been said to have extremely toxic gases. What were not taken into consideration at the time of this experiment were the after effects. Professionals state {“Chlorine bleach solutions are excellent disinfectants but are poor cleaners. They are deficient in cleaning, the response to additional elements generate poisonous vapors. It produces objectionable stench, assaulting tough shells, fading threads in painted exteriors. This can be harmful to floorboards polish. It consumes potency quickly and, is high priced when applied.”}...