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Sustainable & Renewable Energy
In recent years the human race has been looking closely at our carbon footprint, the effect on the earth and our economic impact. In the modern day and age we have been using fossil fuels such as petrol or oil which unfortunately has a limited use and have an impact on the environment. This has called for the implementation of renewable and sustainable energy sources such as ‘wind turbines’ and ‘solar panels’.
Renewable Energy: A renewable energy source is a source that is largely inexhaustible and is constantly replenished by natural process.
Sustainable Energy: A sustainable energy source is a source that can be used in a way that human demands are met without diminishing the ability of other people, wildlife and future generations to survive.
The call for the use of renewable and sustainable energy comes in light of reports regarding fossil fuels longevity and its economic and ecological impact. It is said in a 2009 survey that the following “will fossil fuels run out in a few years:
• Oil will be depleted by 2055 (46 years) (2013 = 42 years)
• Natural gas will be depleted by 2072 (63 years) (2013 = 59 years)
• Coal will be depleted by 2128 (119 years) (2013 = 115 years)
Despite the call for renewable and sustainable resources to use such as wave generators and wind turbines there are some energy sources that are renewable yet unsustainable such as nuclear power. As uranium is renewable as it can be gathered faster than it is used however it is difficult to dispose of and takes time in which to be dealt with long into future generations.
Every human being uses energy and thus leaves an imprint upon the earth environmentally; this imprint is better known or defined as ones “carbon” or “global footprint”. This defines our energy consumption and the effect it has on the earth. So the larger our energy consumption, the larger our global footprint.
To reduce ones global footprint one can take energy saving and efficient...