Physician Leadership

Physician Leadership: MetroHealth System of Cleveland
Strategic Profile and Case Analysis Purpose
MetroHealth, a public hospital and leading provider tried physician-led approach.   No physicians felt empowered to take the lead.   Management needed to be combined.   Dr. Este’s was making improvements.   However she needed more reinforcement.   Positive changes would include recharge and reorganize employee model to make it efficient and effective.   Entice pay by setting obtainable goals.   Overall production needs to be controlled better.

Situation Analysis
No patients are turned away due to income or financial status.   Several improvements have occurred with CEO Mr. White.   Customer service skills are in dire need.   Physicians are afraid to be involved in decision making.   The problem lies within two ineffective management groups.   There is not enough communication.  
Competitors do not have much compared to MetroHealth.   They are not able to keep their doors open.   Transportation to MetroHealth is hard because of their location.   Computer systems or database are not able to keep track of which patients are where, what is wrong, and how they are being taken care of.   Another note is on billing if it is being done correctly.

SWOT Analysis
  * Employees committed to the strategic goals or mission.
  * Good financial stability.
  * Positive image with public.
  * Good residency programs.
  * Better practices.
  * Not accountable.
  * Too many management groups.
  * Lack of decision making.
  * Miscommunication.
  * No empowerment.
  * Poor customer service.
  * Boost integrity and moral.
  * Largest Medicaid provider in Ohio.
  * Build more advertisement.
  * Integrate technology.
  * Competitors.
  * Location.
  * Not combining management.

  * Restructure management to achieve one management policy and procedure.   Continue with Dr. Este’s policy.   Keep building...