Physician Assisted Suicide

Should physician assisted suicide be legal?
A patient should be allowed to end their life because they are suffering from pain, chronic illness, or because they just do not want to live anymore.Allowing access to a physician that can help you end your life by prescribing a lethal dose of medication could be one option for help with the process of discontinuing life but it is not legal in most states.The definition of physician assisted suicide is a physician prescribing a lethal dose of medication for a patient to take at home or where ever and whenever they choose. Physician have taken a Hippocratic Oath stating that they will “cause no harm” so does assisting in a suicide count as causing harm, does it count as murder, or are you just ending someone’s suffering.If physician assisted suicide is legalizedshould it berequired to change the Hippocratic Oath and would this change the way end of life and terminal illnesses are managed? The few states that have legalized physician assisted suicide have also increased end of life care options to have assisted suicide be a last resort.
That we die is certain. When and how we die is not. Because we want to live and not to die, we resort to medicine to delay the inevitable. Yet in some cases, medicine’s success in preserving life has been purchased at a heavy price, paid in the coin of how we die: often in conditions of great pain and suffering, irreversible incompetence, and terminal loss of control. In these circumstances, many Americans increasingly seek greater control over the end of life, and some even wish to elect death to avoid the burdens of lingering on.(Foley)
Three states have put physician assisted suicide parameters in to law and those states are Oregon, Montana and Washington. Oregon is the only state that has explicitly legalized physician assisted suicides and it is call the Death with Dignity Act. Oregon was the first state to allow physicians the right to prescribe a lethal dose of medication to...