Physical Security Clients Assessmants

Physical Security Clients Assessment

University of Phoenix

This paper discusses the physical security that always has been basic to protecting facilities, people, and physical assets. Next the paper discusses the importance of building security and all the fundamental components of architectural and construction concerns that make buildings safe places for living and working. Perimeter and grounds security is still a matter of restricting physical access to secure areas. The physical structure of the building should be designed in the most appropriate manner that provides the highest levels of security measures for its inhabitants. Ground security can be viewed as ways in which we protect areas around airports. Following September 11, 2001, airports have implemented various adjustments to ensure that passengers are safe, all equipment, and bags are safe before they leave the ground to enter the airplane. Access control system can be as simple as possessing a security guard to stop people from entering a certain area. Access control systems are highly used at most businesses to keep unauthorized individuals out of places where they does not belong. Perimeter Security can be described as a boundary that separates an area from the rest of the universal. The reason for perimeter security is to detect, deny, deter, and delay unauthorized access to a perimeter without the owner’s consent to avoid theft, vandalism, or other criminal acts. Information Systems and Technology Security, information security means protecting information from unauthorized use, access, disclosure, modification, disruption, inspection, perusal, destruction, or recording. Many organizations and homes have intrusion detection systems on their computers. Intrusion detection systems allow companies to monitor unwanted attempts to gain access to their systems.
Physical Security
Physical security is the protection of hardware, personnel, networks, programs, and data...