Physical Journeys - Staring Down My Demons

Physical journeys can have an important emotional impact. Discuss this statement in relation to the text you have studied.
Physical journeys can have an important emotional impact because in the learning process of completing a physical journey, our emotions have the power to influence our ability in processing information, making certain choices and accurately understanding what we encounter. This means that within the learning processes of completing a journey, emotions provide opportunities for travellers to extend themselves physically and intellectually, responding to challenges and learning more about themselves, relationships with people and the world around them. An example of an important emotionally impacting journey could include the text “Staring Down My Demons”, where a man named Simon Bouda finds courage in going in search for his father and grandfather’s final resting places in the country of Papua New Guinea. The text describes an emotionally powerful rollercoaster for Bouda and the people around him in his learning process, and in consequence, the feelings of emotional fulfilment at the end of the journey.
Firstly, physical journeys like “Staring Down My Demons” can have an important emotional impact because emotions play a compulsory part in the learning process of self-discovery.   For Simon Bouda, his experience in Papua New Guinea challenged him extensively on the grounds of his emotional well-being, comprehending waves of devastation, grief, shock and worry, enough to give him the opportunity to return home with handfuls of unforgettable memories and feelings of joy, closure and completeness. Throughout overcoming the obstacles of taking risks, finding transportation, and locating the burials, he summoned up enough courage and determination to come through a long journey of emotional fulfilment in locating his male lineage’s final resting places. This is shown by the emotionally descriptive writings, “people talk about closure, but for me...