Photography Essay

Do we really understand the concept of night? “Night is not the negative of day; black surfaces and white are not merely transposed, as on a photographic plate but another picture all together emerges at nightfall”A quote from Brassai's Paris by night in which I am going to study in depth. During the process of analysing the work of Brassai I will also encounter the process myself in an adventure of looking into the exciting elements of the night, how a place can be portrayed in a totally different way at nightfall. Is it the same place? Or just a fragment of comparison, what happens there at night and try work out how Brassai placed him self within his photography. I am fascinated by the way Brassai captured a whole different side of such a well-established, stereotypically romantic city and turned it into almost sinister place with his photography. I have tried to take elements of Brassai work to my own pictures distancing myself away from the point of focus and also some upclose placing my self in the picture, and work with using longer shutter speeds. Brassai knew exactly what he wanted in the frame of his pictures, why and how he wanted them to be portrayed. I believe many of Brassai’s work was influenced by the likes of Man Ray in trying to portray photography using Surrealism and Paris being the best place to do so given the time period.

Firstly, I am going to look at a picture from the book Paris by Night. A very famous photo showing only Brassai’s work at most enhanced. This photograph was taken in 1932 called Une Fille, Rue Quincampoix meaning “A girl Rue Quincampoix”. The photograph displays the silhouette of a girl however does not show her face, connoting mystery and uncertainness, the picture was took from behind in the darkness creating an anonymous view of this girl. The contrast of the black and white and the leading lines highlight the girls figure. Applying the rule of thirds we notice the girl fits into the third so are...