Alexander Rodchenko
Birth Name: Aleksander   Mikhailovich Rodchenko
Birth:                     December 5, 1891, St. Petersburg
Died:                     December 3, 1956 (aged 64) Moscow
Nationality: Russian
Known for: painting, photography
Movement: Constructivism

Constructivism - A style or movement in which assorted mechanical objects are combined into abstract mobile structural forms.

Influence - His influence has been pervasive. His portrait of Lilya Brik has inspired a number of people, including the cover art for a number of music albums, Dutch punk band The Ex, they published a series of 7" vinyl albums, each with Lilya Brik portrait them.

Life and career - He become an artist without having had any exposure to the art world. After 1914, he continued his artistic training at the Stroganov Institute in Moscow. He participated in "The Store" exhibition in 1915. Rodchenko was appointed Director of the Museum Bureau and Purchasing Fund by the Bolshevik Government in 1920. He taught from 1920 to 1930 at the Higher Technical-Artistic Studios.

Aaron Siskind
Born: December 4, 1903 New York City, New York
Died:     February 8, 1991 (aged 87) Providence, Rhode Island
Known for: Photography

He was an American photographer widely considered to be closely involved with, if not a part of, the abstract expressionist movement.

Abstract expressionist movement - A school of art that flourished primarily from the 1940s to the 1960s.

In his autobiography he wrote that he began his foray into photography when he received a camera for a wedding gift. He quickly realized the artistic potential this offered. He worked in both New York City and Chicago. Siskind's work focuses on the details of nature and architecture.

Architecture - the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings.