Phl 458 Creative Spark Talk

TED also known as technology, entertainment and design, is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks (TED, 2015).   TED is known to have its global audience to of some of the world's greatest thinkers, leaders and teachers.   In viewing this website the video that I found to be of most interest was the one titled Taking Imagination Seriously by Janet Echelman, recorded in June, 2011.  
Janet Echelman saw and brought out the creativity in fish net.   In her speech she mentions that she never imagined she would be an artist, and how sculpture engineering and or architecture was never a subject of study.   Janet began painting on her own for ten years after being rejected from seven different art schools.   Janet was offered a Fulbright in India, where she was to give exhibitions on her paintings but her paintings never arrived in India with her.   She had to do something, the fishing village where she was, was famous for sculptures.   She then tried bronze casting but to make large forms was too heavy and costly.  
While walking on the beach one day and watching the fishermen work with nets she saw the fishing nets differently.   She thought out the box for a way to make sculpture with volumetric form with out heavy materials.   Her very first sculpture, with a quite comical name, "a self portrait named Wide Hips", was made with the help of the fisherman.   Memorized by the fabric which caught every ripple of the wind and the constant change of patterns of the sculpture, she started her creative journey and continued to study craft traditions.   She wanted to make something bigger, something that someone could get lost in.  
Janet returned to India to work with the fishermen, a net was made of a million and a half hand tied knots.   This was her first public sculpture displayed in Madrid, where thousands of people saw it.   One of those thousands was the Urbanist Manuel De Sol-Morales.   At the time he was redesigning the waterfront in...