Phl 320 Week 2 Knowledge Check

PHL 320 Week 2 Knowledge Check

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1.Uncertainty exists when the manager
A. knows that the probability of success is less than 100 percent
B. knows the risk involved in making the decision
C. faces two conflicting issues
D. has insufficient information to make the decision
2. Which of the following statements about group decision making improves the chances that the decision will be implemented successfully?
A. People who participate in a group discussion are more likely to understand why the decision was made.
B. Different approaches to solving the problem are available.
C. More information is available when several people are making the decision.
D. A single group member can dominate the discussion
3.A phenomenon that occurs in decision making when group members avoid disagreement as they strive for consensus is known as
A. goal displacement
B. satisficing
C. groupthink
D. domination
4. Identify the fallacy in the following statement: “Frankly, I don’t think you would be satisfied with anything less than our Model 24, which allows for more expansion than any other personal computer in its class. The way you catch on to things—something I can tell just from the questions you’ve asked here in the store—you’re not going to be happy with a machine whose limits you’ll soon reach.”
A. Apple polishing
B. Wishful thinking
C. Groupthink
D. Scare tactics
5. Identify the rhetorical device that appears in the following passage: “Once you’ve made our day planner a part of your business life, there’s a good chance you’ll never miss or be late for another appointment.”
A. Downplayer
B. Innuendo
C. Rocker
D. Weaseler
6. Identify the rhetorical device that appears in the following passage: “The conservative mind is rigid and inflexible, like an orange peel that’s dried out in the sun.”
A. Slander
B. Stereotype
C. Loaded question
D. Innuendo...