The first advertisement I can recall is for the iphone 4. It’s supposed to be the ‘best’ and everyone seems to have one or want one, and that goes for droids too. No one wants to have a cheap $20 flip phone; instead, they’d rather pay $800 for a brand new iphone. This is unnecessary money spent and I think people buy the iphone to be a part of the trend or they claim they need it for a bigger memory or faster speed, all of which they don’t need.
    The second advertisement that comes to mind is hybrid cars. They’re everywhere- billboards, magazines, TV, and even coasters. I understand that they are big money savers and don’t hurt the economy as much as regular cars. I see a lot of owners get them to be a part of the whole ‘go green’ phase when they don’t even know much about the o-zone. This isn’t really a necessary buy; it would be more energy efficient to just walk.
    The third advertisement is traveling. I see this on billboards, in magazines, and commercials. Traveling is a luxury but isn’t necessary. Driving an hour away can be a good getaway, or even driving a state away. Americans fly all over the world just to get away.
    The fourth thing that I see advertised a lot are diamonds. People are so crazy about diamonds with weddings, gifts, or just to have to show off. Diamonds aren’t a necessary thing for proof of marriage, a $20 band could be signifying enough. I think diamonds are an unnecessary buy because of the outrageous price and there are no factual reasons besides tradition and pure want that diamonds are needed.
    The fifth advertisement is exercise DVDs and machines. I think this is an unnecessary buy because we can run and walk outside, do jumping jacks inside, and do most of the things provided on exercise DVDs and machines. Americans don’t need these things to stay in shape but a home gym or nice workout system is a luxury and most Americans want them.
    In business degrees, students are taught about marketing. Marketers know the...