Philosophy Quiz

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Open-Book Philosophy Quiz

After reading this week’s required readings, take this open-book philosophy quiz. Answer the following questions in paragraph form. This is a short-answer worksheet, not an essay composition.

1. What is philosophy? Include a brief description of the different branches of philosophy
Philosophy is questioning our existence, reality, and knowledge.
Metaphysics- Explaining nature of being and the world. Answers what is there? And What is it like?
Epistemology- Explaining Knowledge, Questions what knowledge is and how acquired.
Logic- Develop of valid arguments
Ethics- Explains the right and wrong and how people live
Politics- Study of Government, and rights and political obligations
Aesthetics- study of art, beauty, and taste.

2. What is an argument?

An argument is when you give what your belief and a reason to go with it. For example someone could say they believe in aliens because scientist cannot explain how stone hedge was built in the area it was.  

3. Identify which of the following statements are arguments and which are not.   Explain your answer.
a. God exists. This is not an argument this is an opinion.
b. I grew up in a religious family, therefore I believe God exists. This is not an argument this is an opinion.
c. God exists, because something must have created the universe. This is an argument. We can question the motive of what about the universe being self sustaining.

4. Identify and define at least two fallacies. Give an example from your personal experience (what you have heard, read, or said) for each fallacy.
Appeal to Emotion- to get a point through using pity, anger, or fear. I have used this with my children. The whole if you don’t go to bed, you’ll get spanked story.
Red Herring- Bringing something unrelated to the situation.   My oldest daughter tries to do this all the time, When it is her bedtime she will try and get out of going with every...