Philosophy of Life

My Philosophy of Life
Mrs. Johnson
My values consist of being responsible, showing a positive attitude, and being honest. I am responsible in school by completing homework assignments on time and studying for a test or quiz accordingly. Outside of school I am also responsible obeying any laws and showing responsibility by avoiding things that are illegal. My neighbor and I were playing video games when he pressures me to drink a can of beer but I stopped him and told him that I wasn’t thirsty. I avoided the situation by choosing not to drink without tainting my relationship with my neighbor. Most of the time, I try to show a positive attitude to people and in trying new things. Whenever I can in school I try to be a person that volunteer for a question and avoids conflicts with anyone. Whenever I try something new like eating some new fruit I always think positive and try it before judging it. Every day I try to keep my integrity by being honest to people instead of deceiving them causing more trouble. For instance when I lose a calculator I borrowed from a friend, I will go up and tell my friend instead of telling my friend a lie. The values in my life affect me every day into a more positive and humbling ways.
My goals in life is like any other person pursuing ones American Dream and that is graduating college, a steady job, getting married, buying a home, getting children. This might be typical but it is a goal that I truly believe in and hope it comes true. Specifically I would want to attend   and major in Computer Science. I would want to get employed at any electronics company like IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, or Google for instance. Although I still have to think about the next three goals I have built these goals to satisfy my lifestyle. These goals give me a path to go in instead of meandering after high school. My personal goal is to travel the world, experiencing different cultures and enjoying the moment. I would like travel around the world with my...