Philosophical Arguments

hilosophical argumentsPhilosophical Arguments
The first misconception about philosophy is “nothing but opinion” and the author speaks on how the word “nothing but” should not used when expressing opinions because for every opinion should have some type of reasoning for believing what is said. I agree with the author on this misconception because believe something and not have a reason for believing your opinion and in fact it is your opinion and I feel no one could ever take that away from anyone.
The second misconception is “truth is relative” in which the author states this statement could have different meanings; for example, individuals believing relative to their culture or perspective or an individual believing a statement or sentence can be true and not true then they may be mistaken. With this misconception, it seem to be one that is a little difficult than the others but when I think about it, it does make sense because in my culture the truth is some or most people do not focus on religion as much; however, someone from another culture believes everyone in their culture are very religious.
The third misconception is “philosophy is light reading” whereas the author believes different and so do I. like the author I think philosophy takes time to understand meaning an individual cannot just pick up the paper or book and read it like a comic because it does take focus. I agree with the author because in philosophy, it seem like it allows you to think outside the box into reality and how things really are in the world.
The fourth misconception is “one person’s philosophy is as correct as the next person’s” and this statements means one persons moral values may be different from the next persons but the other persons value is just as correct as the other person’s. I do not agree with this misconception because although my cousin believes only praying will bring success, I think different and in fact I think hard work and some prayer may lead to success.