agree to marry Danny without thinking twice or asking him to earn more.She did tell Datuk Lim about her love towards Danny but right after   Datuk Lim shuts her up by telling her about the social status and her future life she does not do much.Instead,she agreed to marry Franchis.Here we could say to a certain point Vicky is selfish enough to let go of Danny.I mean how could she forget Danny and agree to marry Franchis if she were truly in love with Danny.She does not even bothered to care about how much this could hurt Danny.She of all person who knows the love Danny had for her is not supposed to push away Danny just like that without proper reason.If she knows that she is looking forward for a luxurious life why did she choose to love Danny at the first place?That is a question everyone should really think about
He feel that is daughters happiness solely rely on the social status of a future husband.The only thing that matters to Datuk Lim is money and social status the rest of it is out of his concern. However,Can money really make someone happy?Is it possible for a person to marry someone just because he is rich and socially educated?Mr lim does not think about that at all.He does not even take the time to think twice and see wheter his decision in arranging the marriage for Vicky can really help her to lead a better life or not?I mean just because she is going to marry a rich husband does not mean that she is going to lead a wonderful life.Marriage takes a lot more than just money and social status and Datuk Lim,eventhough he has been married fail to realise that.He did not really care for Vicky’s real feelings.
SO,he thinks that his better for him to live Cheras the place he had most in his entire life.His decision makes sense actually,I mean what happens when a place you once called home no longer   hold any appeals to you or does not mean anything to you?The best way is to fled because if it is possible to fall out of love with a person then I’m sure the...