Phil 110 - Critical Thinking - Exercise 1.2, 1.3, 1.4

Exercise 1-2
  1. Not a statement.
  2. Not a statement.
  3. Statement.
  4. Not a statement.
  5. Not a statement.
  6. Not a statement.
  7. Statement.
  8. Statement.
  9. Statement.
  10. Not a statement.

Exercise 1-3
  1. Argument.
Conclusion: He should avoid her.
  2. Not an argument.
  3. Not an argument.
  4. Not an argument.
  5. Not an argument.
  6. Not an argument.
  7. Not an argument.
  8. Argument.
Conclusion: Jesus loves me.
  9. Argument.
Conclusion: Spiderman is a better superhero than Superman.
  10. Argument.
Conclusion: Whether our argument concerns public affairs or some other subject we must know some, if not all, of the facts about the subject on which we are to speak and argue.
  11. Argument.
Conclusion: Don't outlaw guns.
  12. Argument.
Conclusion: If someone says something that offends me, I should have the right to stop that kind of speech.
  13. Argument.
Conclusion: Citizens who so value their "independence" that they will not enroll in a political party are really forfeiting independence.
  14. Argument.
Conclusion: If someone says something that offends me, I cannot and should not try to stop them from speaking.
  15. Argument.
Conclusion: Car alarms should be banned.
  16. Argument.
Conclusion: The U.S. government cannot be trusted when it comes to sending our children to war.

Exercise 1-4
  1. Argument.
Conclusion: Faster-than-light travel is not possible.
Premise: Faster-than-light travel would violate a law of nature.
  2. Argument.
Conclusion: Therefore, you are not fit to serve in your current capacity.
Premise 1: You have neglected your duty on several occasions.
Premise 2: You have been absent from work too many times.
  3. Not an argument.
  4. Argument.
Conclusion: The flu epidemic on the East Coast is real.
Premise 1: Government health officials say so.
Premise 2: I personally have read at least a dozen news stories...