Pgce Primary School Assignment

Primary school experience report

The transitions between primary to secondary school is a crucial step in the development of a child’s learning life. It is the teaching at primary school that provides children with the basic foundations before entering secondary school.

During my experience at primary school I became aware of the fact that each child has its own individual needs, and that no one child has the same learning style. I observed many teachers using different teaching styles that met the needs of children at different levels. It became apparent that each teacher used the VAK learning styles to accommodate the child. I found that a child learnt through listening to the teacher as well as seeing what was written or done on the interactive white board. They also learnt by gaining hands on experience such as interactive games on the white board related to the topic being taught. I observed that every lesson consisted of the teacher writing the objectives of the lesson on the white board. This was also done verbally at times so that the children knew what was expected from them by the end of the lesson. I realized that some students learnt through seeing things whilst others learned through interacting with others thus giving a range of learners in the classroom. I found some classroom activities very important for both the students and teachers. For example during a numeracy lesson whilst the students were learning numbers, some children were given digits and had to place themselves in the right order depending on what number the teacher has shouted out. I found that this was an important tool as it was very interactive and involved the children as well as allowing the teacher to identify weak and strong children. Whilst teaching the children were asked questions and were also given the opportunity to ask questions before setting them a task. Once a task was set the children were separated depending on their ability. These tasks differed in the sense...