Pgce - Asessing

QTS Standard: 3.2.3
They are able to assess learners’ progress accurately using appropriate goals, descriptions, criteria, requirements, assessment frameworks or objectives, with guidance from an experienced teacher where appropriate  
Evidence Submitted:   Account of assessments, Examples of work and Staff training schedule (19/10/2015)
In October, I was involved in training focusing on the standardisation/moderation of Literacy in the Foundation Phase. I was required to assess the evidence independently and compare it to the results of more experience teachers. I placed the attainment of the child as an outcome 4 for the following reasons:
• Her letters were recognisable, clearly shaped and recognizable (LLC – O4)
• Her writing communicated meaning through the use of simple phrases (LLC – O4)
• When reading she recognised simple words in familiar texts (LLC – O4)
I did not place her at an outcome 5 because:
• Full stops were not used consistently (LLC – O5)
• The letters were not accurate in size (LLC – O5)
As part of this task, I was also asked to suggest ways forward for this pupil to progress. After analysing the above, I felt that in order for her to progress to a level 5 she should:
• Form her letters to an accurate size (LLC – O5)
• Develop her ideas in a sequence of connected sentences (LLC – O5)
• Use full stops consistently (LLC – O5)
• Be encouraged to express opinion about the text they are reading (LLC – O5)
After comparing my outcomes and suggestions to that of the other teachers, it was stated that I had assessed this pupil with a good level of accuracy.
Impact on future practice:
I have since been able to use this training to level the work of pupils in LLC during my Foundation Phase practice inputting their results into INCERTS (under the supervision of my class mentor). I have attached a copy of the INCERTS for my Year 1 and Year 2 pupils as evidence of this.