Peter Skrynecki/Into the Wild

An individual’s sense of belonging is determined not only by their own choices but also by the attitudes of others.

How accurately does this statement reflect the ideas represented in your prescribed text and
ONE other related text of your own choosing?

Belonging is not only up to one’s lifestyle, choices or perspectives, belonging is determined by the views and attitudes of others and the way they choose to act or serve to one another. This is highly evident in the text St Patricks College, a poem by Peter Skrzynecki. This poem portrays a story of a young boy struggling to fit in at high school, trying to belong to an environment in which he grew up in while time trying to gain acceptance from his mothers expectations. It explores the views of a teenagers perspective of what its like not to belong to the surroundings they encounter throughout their life. In contrast with my second poem “ 10 Mary Street’ written by Peter Skrynecki, the poet depicts the connection that an individual can hold with a certain place, and how the memories can be treasured forever by just living in one house. And lastly, The film ‘Into the Wild’ directed by Sean Penn is based on a families perspectives and expectations, but he does this by running away and trying to escape these high expectations that he feels he can not achieve.   In both the film and texts, it allows the audience to grasp a deeper understanding in which attitudes by others can have a huge impact on ones life and how it can allow people to feel ultimately disconnected from everything around them.

St Patricks College is written in the perspective of Peter Skrzynecki’s as a child and presents to the reader the struggles and disconnection felt while attending St Patricks College. He not only felt disconnected from his school but also from his family.   The disconnection from his school is clear with the quote “Caught the 414 bus like a foreign tourist uncertain of my destination every time I got off” Skrzynecki...