Pet Ownership

whether citizens should be allowed to keep pets or not has been a much debated. Some critics say that many four- legged pets , especially dogs,   do not have enough places to play and that could be   a violation of   animal rights . However , it is well known that pet dog can bring some benefit to their owners . This essay will argue that dog ownership should be permitted in busy urban areas. This will be demonstrated by   focusing mainly on its health and social benefits .
    Firstly , pet dogs can promote health benefits to owners .It is well known that dogs   are   a source of happiness and recreation for all ages. This ,in turn , can   help their owners   in   many ways. For instance ,they can help   to   reduce   stress   and   blood pressure ,and increase longevity in those who have   had heart attacks. Moreover , the   unconditional love and friendship that   pet dogs provide   to their owners can also improve people‚Äôs emotional and mental health . Consequently, owning   pet   dogs can help to promote a healthy lifestyle.
    In addition to   the health benefits , owning dogs can   bring many   social benefits . Keeping pets such as dogs   can   promote   harmony and communicate with others. For instance , dogs encourage their owners to make new friends by socializing with other pet owners.   Furthermore, dogs can   become an invaluable companion for   particular types of people   such as   the blind and partially-sighted . Dogs can enhance   the   lives   for their owners and owing them should therefore be allowed in cities .
    In conclusion, there are many advantages related to pet ownership .   For example , the companionship between the   owner and   their pet   can promote   health as well as improve owners   social interaction. In light of this, pet ownership should be   permitted in busy urban areas. However , it is important that the   appropriate regulations exist to encourage owners to clean up after their pet dogs and keep them on a lead when outdoor.