Pestle Bullet Point


Analysis on the market

Kind of another name

Economic: money on the things
Social: healthy option
Tech: new tech issues marketers should know social media mobile phones adversting
Legal: legal conisitris on the product range- knorr less salt few heart attacts put on to buy the things maybe get a less salt brand

Marketing data basics mintel
Report of the company
Pestle current and forward
This year and last year

Marketing anlist- presenting a report

Gold blend preeuim brand most grown in vitemum up range intstat coffee

Pantene products beauty products toiletries

Research them all briefly

Mintel, keynote passport or Warc report (2012-2015)

Social- trends mintel
Economic – poor ecomoic climate – not using up market resturants into gomart food at home, home dining
Technogogical: social media   marketing
Legal issues:
Poilteal; government advice about salt

Warc Passport: stock pot

Coffee fair trade with social trends

Mintel : brand communication and promotion
Keynote: pantene pro v shampoo range


Tech: tech impact on the internet advertsing instagram

Socio culterual issues: islam

Child labour potical and social issues impacting upon the business

Anylising extor factors

Potital factor no VAT tax advantages

Anlyis not just what the

Student sources complete


Introduction- which product
Conclusion- the main macro factors impact on the UK market

Blt   3 - 24 novemeber: csr coapte social responiblty
Blt 4 5 jaunary

Growing tread of quick on the go city/ business workers, society market share is decreasing from emaging market shops cafes starbucks, costa coffee in the uk
Women – perspective of the body image --- health concise society this may help in develop new range towards this growing sector
Health issues with caffeine,
Child labor the parent company/ major Nescafe...